School of Thai Massage Thai Foot Reflexology Thai Yoga (Rue-Si Datton)

Thai Traditional Medical Services Society Bangkok, Thailand
Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexologist (Thailand)

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TTMS Accreditation and Recognition

* TTMS is accredited by Thailand Ministry of Education , approved by Ministry of Public Health.

thai massag certificate

thai massage

thai yoga (rue-si datton)

Thai Traditional Medical Services Society (TTMS)

* The Head of Thai Traditional Medical Services Society (TTMS) has authorization from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Labor in Thailand.
* In addition, our school in Bangkok is for training Thai and foreigners and the classes are given in Thai, English, Japanese and Greek.
* We adopt small groups in order for beginners to acquire massage skills within a short time under close supervision.
* We provide massage training courses that you can acquire advanced massage skills in a regulation time and also provide therapist training course that you can expect yourself to learn deeply and improve rapidly.
* We are proud of our curriculum that will let you study easily and regardless of your experiences.
* These substantial programs are designed not only for beginners but also for people with experience before.

TTMS Method of Teaching

* We teach in "small groups" so you can receive in every course the maximum results of experience and feedback.
* Whenever you learn a new technique the teacher will first perform it on you

Dr. Chalerm Vongsiri Dr. Chalerm Vongsiri
(President of Thai Traditional Medical Services Society / Thai massage society authorized by Thai government)
(President of Phenkhae Thai Traditional Medical School Thailand).
(Vice President of the Massage Association of Thailand).
(Vice President of Medical Confederation of Thailand).

Dr. Chalerm is a famous person in the Thai massage world.
He run a Thai massage vocational school and gave occupation technology with much low tuition fee for the independence support of many Thai people who low income earner long period and was recognized to had significant contributions to society, and receive commendation from the king of Thailand.
In addition, a doctorate was conferred from Golden State University in USA.

Master Kraisign Rungrojsakulporn
Foot Reflexology logo
Master Kraisign Rungrojsakulporn
(President of Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexologist (Thailand)
(Lecturer and Consultant of Medical Association of Thailand).
(Advisor to the Foundation for the Development of Complementary-Alternative Medicine (Thailand).

Master Kraisign is a famous person in the Thai Foot Reflexology in Thailand.
- "Master Teacher Aw